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8469Tux lives here | German-speaking channel: | <Shadow53> I vote calling it GNU/{Wayland,​Xorg}/​{bash,​zsh,​ash,​fish,​sh,​{t,}csh,​ksh}/​{GNOME,​Plasma,​MATE,​Xfce,​LXDE,​LXQt,​Enlightenment,​Unity}/​{dpkg,​rpm,​urpmi,​eopkg,​pisi,​portage,​make install}/​{Intel,​AMD,​Nvidia}/​{glibc,​musl,​libc}/​Linux
4595Part of the community. Bridged with
4492Heads Up: To talk, you need to register your nick! Announcements: go-ipfs 0.4.18 and js-ipfs 0.33 are out! Get them from and npm respectively! | Also: #libp2p #ipfs-cluster #filecoin #ipfs-dev | IPFS, the InterPlanetary FileSystem: | Logs:! | Forums: | Code of Con
Arch Linux
4236General channel for Arch Linux users and friends
Polkadot Watercooler
3625Website: Resources:
Matrix HQ
3161The Official Matrix HQ - please come chat here! | | To support development: | Looking for hosting? Check out!
Riot Android
2817Riot and matrix-android-sdk discussion | dev build: | become a beta tester:
ട്രോൾ ടെക് മലയാളം
Docker BR
Cosmos Network
2227The Internet of Blockchains
SAFE Markets
1880MaidSafeCoin/Safecoin and other cryptocurrency trading chat
Raspberry Pi
1838All things Raspberry Pi!!! []
Трансляция телеграм-канала Пиратской партии России
1759Просьба ничего здесь не писать. Для общения есть комната
SAFE Network
1452Secure Access For Everyone -- -- --
[Twitter] 今日热点
1441热推机器人 · · 自动收录转发墙内,墙外,各种热点信息 · ·让你实时掌握最真实的舆论动态· ·信息自由传播是互联网价值的一部分 · · 注意:所转发内容不代表本账号观点!! 如损害您的利益,请发邮件至 联系删除。 |
Synapse Admins
1412Help with setting up and running Synapse | Current: 0.33.9 | RC: 0.34.0rc2 | For questions about developing on Matrix, please join | File bugs at | Announcements in
1275 | Current release 0.17.8 | Code & bugs at | Give feedback on desktop/webapp here; Mobile app feedback at and
Synapse Homeowners
1180Synapse release announcements | For support please use | Stable: v0.33.9 | RC: v0.34.0rc2
1106Official Fedora GNU/Linux channel, note that registered IRC nicks are a must! Details: